1st February 2012 18:57
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Felice Fawn (yes, all famous tumblr person you either love or hate) got tattooed at home by someone who is a photographer, not a tattoo artist.

It’s kinda obvious when they say ‘all ready to go’ and then suddenly a wild tattoo appears.

Yeah. Tattooing at home, no matter how ‘Tumblr Famous’ you are, is never, ever okay.

I like Felice Fawn. I know she’s done most of her tattoos at a studio, and I’ve looked at the home-made tattoos and they actually look quite good. I don’t know. mixed feelings all around. If they were awful scratchers and were done with a home-made gun, I’d be upset, but I know she owns a tattoo machine and stuff. mixed feelings all around. 

oh well, I still like her.